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My Story

Spiritual Life Coach Young

Existing in a mist of emotions,
Then emerging from it

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Most days of my childhood, I cried.

Yes, was a sensitive kid – a kid who hated having boundaries pushed upon me.

But even when my eyes were wet, I would giggle with glee at a joke or silly game.

You can see why my parents nicknamed me: the one who laughs, the one who cries.

Filled to the brim with emotions, most of the time entirely overwhelmed by them.
So, you can imagine how my teenage years went…

During one break-up with a boyfriend, I fell sick for months! Not because I cared for him – it
was his loss – but because, from miles away, I could feel in myself the sadness he was

experiencing with me in his mind.

This horrid experience lasted months – afterwards, I promised myself I would never again
date someone in love with me when I wasn’t.

I couldn’t tell the difference between the emotions coming from me and those coming from
others. When I was around furious people, I felt furious. When surrounded by sad people, I
felt sad also.

My world was a whirlpool of apparently limitless emotion. And it was as I began to explore
this world that I realized my connection to the collective unconscious…

The pain of my life

Gymnastics was no longer an option. Judo? Forget about it. Just like that, the passions I was
pursuing were snatched away from me by these 30cm metal rods that I’ll keep crocheted
around my spine for the rest of my life.

By age 20, I was awakened nightly by aches if I slept on my belly or left side. I suffered
sciatica on some days, torticollis on others. I took benzodiazepines on certain days, pain
relievers on others. At the time, I believed that if the agony would worsen, I would end my life
by 40.

I was unable to pursue a physical job so I focused on my studies and graduated with a MA in
Biology of Ecosystems and a BS in Statistics. I landed my first job in Paris running statistical
programming for the pharmaceutical industry. I then worked in Belgium, then started
contracting for pharmaceuticals in Basel, Switzerland. During those times, I explored most
occidental medicine methods to reduce my pain. No route revealed any success.

Then, I heard about synchronicity and began to look into it, which led me to the door of my
first energy healer. Curious as ever, I started sessions with her. She suggested a technique
I’d never heard of: ‘AtlasPROfilax’.

I felt hesitation as it concerned the adjustment of the backbone. But weirdly enough, 2 weeks
later, I stumbled upon a practitioner within a 2-minute walk of my office

Heavy news for a young woman about to blossom, huh? Physically impaired and mentally atmy lowest point just as I entered high school…

And things were about to become far more challenging…

Aged just 14, after two years of wearing a brace, I had major backbone surgery for scoliosis.
It meant I would never be able to flex my back again, and my body would never be capable
of bearing weight…

Spiritual Life Coach burden

Awakening within some new reality

I arrived at my AtlasPROfilax appointment on time, lay on my belly and allowed the
practitioner to begin tapping my head with his equipment.

It all happened in a flash.

He motioned for me to rise.

‘Welcome!’ he said with a smile. I returned the grin, immediately feeling lighter.

I walked outdoors, a little stunned. It felt as if I were gazing through love glasses. I was
ecstatic, light and completely in love with the world!

A couple of days after the session, I was resting in my bed when I felt my body vibrate. I
relaxed and focused on my heart. The vibration intensified suddenly yet continuously,
moving all the way to my heart then propelling me out of my body.

What the hell was that?

My cartesian brain had flipped upside down! I returned rapidly to my body, yet with the new
awareness that I could now separate my consciousness entirely from it!

Consequently, my whole belief system changed. I used to be an atheist, but from that point I
realised something within exists and keeps going. I became hopeful, curious and

My fear of death had vanished. I had entered a new reality

Time to experience the unseen

With pure energy, my interest in the unseen blossomed. I wanted to understand what it was
all about, so I left my job in Basel and began to travel around the world.

I tried anything and everything – every flavor, smell, temperature and sensation.

I wanted to experience it all.

Spiritual Life Coach Ghost

My first ghost

​For years, I tried to induce an out-of-body experience by myself. And when I finally succeeded, it was in a hotel room in Cambodia filled with ghosts.

How do I know?

Well, the room was clean and decent but, for no reason, I had to repeat the following to
myself each night: “That’s OK, I am not scared of anything. I’ll not be attacked here, I am on
the last floor.”

Well, on my last day there, in the middle of the night, I was thrown out of my body whilst
lying in the bed. And as I floated like a leaf in the air, I made eye contact with this shadowy
presence in the corner.

Hell no, this is the last place I want to be out of my body. Bring me back!

It took some time for me to reintegrate my body – once inside, I switched on the light and
started crying and praying for the peace of that soul. Obviously, this was the first time I had
ever prayed. So, I improvised. After all, I was a fresh convert to the unseen.

The morning after, I had serious doubts about what had happened the night before.

Whilst waiting outside the hotel for my bus, a hotel employee came out to smoke. I took the
opportunity to ask him about the yellow crosses painted above the door of some bedroom

“The Catholics did that,” he said timidly whilst looking at me.

“It’s for the ghosts. For the people killed here by the Red Khmer.”

It was at this point in my life I became aware that emotions have the ability to imprint matter
– and that ghosts do indeed exist…

Be careful of what you wish for!

I enrolled in a workshop to learn overtone chanting – but it ended up being a modern version
of a Buddhist ritual…

What is that?!

Well, we had to compose a wish list and list of what we’d like to let go of. Then, we spent a
week doing movements and chanting the same mantras over and over.

It did not make much sense to me, so I kept glancing at the clock and waiting for the breaks
every day.

Until the last day, when things changed…

People were complaining about their physical pains, a man was yelling, and a woman
started to scream as she went through a rebirth.

At closing for the first time in my life, I felt energy spiralling down inside me. I couldn’t stand
for more than half an hour.

You see, just as some people liked a drink or cigarette, I enjoyed sex. The ritual left me
much more grounded, calm and with a considerably lower libido.

Why did that happen?

Well, one of my wishes during the ritual was to become more feminine, which I did with time.
But the constraint was to overcome my female lineage barriers around sexuality. It didn’t
come easily, but the final reward was worth the challenge.

The lesson?

Be careful about what you wish for. It may very well come true, yet not as you imagine it!

Spiritual Life Coach experience

Initiation, Healing & Training

Here’s a little list of the most transformative training and experiences I have completed:

Feeling at ease in Ireland learning about Celtic shamanism, soul retrieval and journeying. I honored their land with them, walked on fire and cried half-naked with my face in the grass whilst emerging from sweat lodges.

With a French geobiologist, I learnt how to recognize the different spirits of nature – how to work with them, recognize their element, size and energy level. I also learnt how to deal with negative energy, and find energy places within nature and churches. With those tools, I experience a tremendous change in my life.

In France, I enhanced my clairvoyance with incredibly skilled clairvoyants and healers.

I learnt to twirl with Sufi dancers and embraced complete stillness after completing their zikr (Sufi trances).

Used holotropic breathing and rebirth to experience an alternative start of consciousness.

With Ayahuasca, I transformed into a jaguar, a snake and experienced the entire natural force.

I broke free from compulsive behaviour with Iboga and faced my absolute fear of losing control with Bufo.

I learned all sorts of energy healing techniques (reiki, reconnective healing, access bar, etc).

Finally, in London, I received training in Systemic Constellation therapy, which structured my clairvoyance and provided me with therapeutic knowledge.

Spiritual Life Coach star

Body Healing

The more I reconnected with myself, the more I discovered the practice that was working for my back – Posturology, Rolfing, ITM Alexander Technique, ABC chiropractor.

With the passage of years, I realized that it is never about the practice, but always about the practitioner. I felt very fortunate to have come across so many magicians.

Spiritual Life Coach Healer

"Physical pain was now out of my way! I was no longer torn between my feelings and those of others – and limits were welcomed as a full part of this experience."

Spiritual Life Coach relax

Giving back

Real Spiritual Life Coach

My dearest reader,

All of these encounters of mine have taught me a great deal about myself and the unconscious mind of humans.

And as I became more aligned, I found I could access more of my inner silence (known also as “the centre”, “holy place”, “divine space” or countless more terms depending which culture you ask), which is the cause of harmonic transformation in others.

Today, I know the keys to reconnecting with one’s body. I understand how to structure empathic perceptions and have figured out how to connect with joy and embrace our true

These are the challenges I have faced, so it felt natural to share what I’d learnt to help others like you overcome your challenges faster, and move happily toward yourself.

Our image is reflected in society. The more people who identify with their true selves, the more harmonious society will become. It is time we all contribute to this change!

Overall, I am grateful for every delightful soul I have had the chance to help throughout my years. Believe me, entering into people’s closeness is a miracle. Every day, I learnt something new from them. They gave me the strength to break out from patterns that I strived so hard to ignore.

They are in my thoughts each day, and will be in my final thoughts just the same.



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