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A Psychomagic Letter to Release Emotions

Updated: Jun 21

This letter will help you to release emotions, unspoken message and energy towards someone you don’t want to confront.

For years I wanted to say some things to my dad. However, I could not really tell him otherwise I would certainly burst into tears 😭, shout at him loudly 🤬 or have him storm out of my site before letting it out off my chest.

So I found a very efficient ritual a few years ago that did allow me to release a lot of emotional energy without confronting my father directly.

Perfect fit!

What is a Psychomagic Letter?

A psychomagic letter is a symbolic ritual that allows you to charge a letter with energy or emotions for different purposes such as;

  • Release emotions stored in the astral plane.

  • Express your true feelings without confrontation.

  • Releasing your unspoken message.

  • Transcending negative energy and emotional charge.

  • To move forward with life.

Circumstances For a Psychomagic Letter to Release Emotions?

Through writing this letter we release emotions (anger, sadness, anxiety….) that have been accumulated due to lack of expression of them when they first came to you. Such as in the following situations;

  • When you could not speak your truth.

  • If it was too difficult to articulate your emotions.

  • When the person you want to talk to is already dead.

  • If you did not have enough time with this person

  • You do not feel the person will emotionally support what you have to say to them.

  • To someone who does not want to listen to you.

How do unexpressed emotions imprint your energetic system?

When you do not express an emotion it gets repressed and imprinted in your energetic system. Those imprinted emotions can later come out in different ways according to the intensity of the charge that has been repressed;

  • Creating situations that make you reconnect with the energetic charge in order to release emotions step by step.

  • Create a disease to express the emotional charge on physical reality.

 7 Steps To Release Emotions

Here I propose to you to use a letter as support of the energy that needs to be released from the astral plane.

  1. CHOOSE A PERSON: Choose a person who you had an emotional struggle with or who you did not have a chance to verbalize something that you feel needed to come out.

  2. WRITING: write a letter using a computer or a paper to this person in question while being as honest as possible. Keep in mind, you will not send this letter! If you use a computer you will have to print the letter before starting the Reading – step 5’ that allow to have some physical object to store the emotion on.

  3. POSITIVE FORMULATION: Formulate the letter in the most positive way possible. For instance, instead of saying “ I hated it when you ignored me” say “I did suffer from not having much attention from you ”.

  4. MAGIC SENTENCE: At the end of the letter write “I release you, as I release myself”.

  5. READING: You need to print the letter (if it is not handwritten) and read this letter 3 times at the same hour for 3 consecutive days. Ideally, start 2 days before a new moon and finish on the day of the new moon.

  6. RELEASE: On the third day put the letter below running water (tap or river), and while the letter dissociates keep repeating “I release you, as I release myself”.

  7. REVIEW: After one week check how you feel emotionally towards the person you wrote the letter to. If you still feel negative emotions repeat the process one more time.

Did you find this practice helpful? Did you feel any release of emotions at the end of this ritual?

If you like to learn an easy and efficient technique to release emotions ‘Click Here’!

Feel free to share your comment in the section below and good luck! 🍀🍀🍀



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Karine Brûlé - Clairvoyant
Karine Brûlé - Clairvoyant
Jun 19


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