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Embody your best potential, Inhabit your true nature

I am Karine Brûlé, Clairvoyant and Soul-Body Aligner.
Allow yourself to be supported!

Karine Clarivoyant Soul-body Aligner

Spiritual seeker ready to
embody your best potential?

Let me guide you to embrace everything unique about you – To step into your power, align with your truth and claim what you truly desire.

I am ready to help you experience the deep satisfaction
of becoming your true self

Are you?


Your transformation,
my expertise

I call upon clairvoyance and powerful energetic tools to clarify your life choices and release those limiting beliefs holding you back.

You'll learn how to own your life's authority , make new choices and break the chains of codependency.

Together, we’ll connect with your intuition and your divine support.

The ultimate alignment is connecting your truth with your desires – It is how you will give birth to your harmony.

Could it be the right time to offer it to yourself? The journey I offer is a transformative adventure to your true nature, to rediscover how tremendously good it feels to be alive!

Your Journey, Your Choice
3 Ways to Align with Your Best Potential.

Rebirth Program Spiritual life Coach


Your Personalised Coaching


Feeling stuck and unable to move forward? It might be time for a Rebirth.

This 4-month coaching program helps you discover your true self and empowers you to live life fully. 

Your journey to a brighter beginning starts here.

Retreat clairvoyant Spiritual Life Coach

Soul-Body Alignment Afternoon

Your Half-Day Transformation

Let's meet for a 4-hour transformative journey in one of the most healing place of UK, the Kew Gardens.

Together, with the help of nature spirits, we'll align your body with your soul's deepest desires. 

Online course clairvoyant Spiritual Life Coach

Magnetism's Secret

Your Online Course

Learn why magnetism is key to attracting your desires.
Gain practical tips and valuable techniques to take your own magnetism higher – all online and at your own pace.


Journeys of change

I’m blessed by the messages I receive from around the world. Your testimonials of transformation assure me of my path to helping you unlock your best potential.

Hands down the best investment I have made for myself.

I could sit and write an essay about the brilliance of Karine, and the profound impact she has had on my life; but I’ll keep it short and sweet.
Working with Karine was the easiest and best decision I have, and will ever make. Hands down the best investment I have made for myself. With her guidance, devotion and complete care I have transformed my life beyond anticipation. Day in and day out, Karine showed up with excellent coaching and guidance; She far exceeded my expectations from the first day up until the last.
What I am most impressed with, is not only the huge amounts of change I made with her; but that I am able to continue to change and grow on my own. She has brought me back to myself, back to life, and empowered me to hear and trust in my inner wisdom: the greatest and most powerful gift of all. Because from here, I know anything is possible.

Rebecca Mottin (UK)

Clairvoyant Spiritual Life coach
Spiritual Life Coach Illustration 2
Spiritual Life Coach Illustration 1

The trauma that led to my transmission

Aged just 14, I underwent major backbone surgery for scoliosis. Then, during my recovery, became trapped in a cycle of prescribed painkillers.

Each day for decades, life was a joyless blur… One place to the next, one experience after another forgotten. I merely existed – I breathed but had ceased to live.

Fast forward 25 years and here I am, anew – Bursting with laughter, deep in love with life, Feeling its tender caress in ways of which I never dreamt.

Spiritual Life Coach Illustration 3

Why compromise your life?
You can be more

Settling for a life that’s ‘good enough’…

Postponing the life you truly yearn for…

“The time is not right…” / “when I’m in a better place…” /
Perhaps it’s time to ignore the excuses your ego makes to play it safe?

Why choose a half-lived life when you can dive entirely into this beautiful human experience of ours?

There is so much pleasure in being fully alive – so, let’s be ambitious!
Why else are you here right now, reading this?

Perhaps it’s time for real change – trust your gut!

I’m dedicated to helping souls like you embrace your unique way and quit living in a state of compromise. Curious? Then…

Quickly Release ✨
your stuck emotions

Clairvoyant Body-Soul Aligner eBook
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