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Why Protection From Negative Energy Does Not Work?

Updated: Jun 21

Have you ever tried to protect yourself from negative energy from people, entities or ghosts around you? Making a bubble of light around you? Elevating your vibration? Cutting the ‘links’ with a ‘toxic ‘person?

Hmmm how successful was that? 🤔

Let me guess… Not much progress! 🙁

As an empath, for years I thought to myself that I should seek protect from all sorts of negative energies around me but the usual method didn’t really work for me.

I could visualize the bubble of light around me for a minute but as soon as I got triggered by any stress or anxiety, the protection bubble went out of the window and reality checked in.

5 Reasons why protection against negative does not work

  1. Whenever you protect yourself from negative energy you implicitly affirm that you’re actually being attacked 😱! Technically these work hand in hand. One can not come without the other. Therefore as you’re consciously trying to protect yourself, unconsciously you create am getting attacked!’ which tends to only increase your paranoia and the need for self-protection.

2. Secondly, when you protect yourself from negative energy (individual emotions, entities, and ghosts), you assume that;

  • Whatever is happening has nothing to do with you. It’s happening due to unfortunate life circumstances…really? 🙄

  • What is happening can not benefit you.

 Unfortunately, reality is no mistake and like the universe, we are always in expansion. 🌍😌

3. Elevating your vibration💫. Well, this works when you’re very conscious and present, which let’s be honest you are not! It is important to keep in mind that the biggest part of your manifestation comes from your unconscious. So, you can consciously try to elevate your vibration for a moment, but when you step back in the unconscious mode you will probably have to face the same issue again. It’s like applying cream to a symptom without resolving the root of the problem. It will come back!

4. When you easily perceive negative energy, more often, it is because you have limit issues. So protection will not work well for you since you are energetically designed to feel what happens around you. It’s always because the unconscious finds a “secondary advantage” to do so. The type of “secondary advantage” not to have much limits can be:

  • Feel the field around you. This ability can let you know what is the most appropriate behavior to adopt and can also allow you to avoid danger.

  • The capacity to fusion with others. This is very appealing in a love relationship 💞 as that allows you to feel like one which reminds you of the initial blissful fusion with the mother.

5. Energetic links are very strong 💪🏼. When a ‘toxic’ link is based upon passion or anger, on the astral plane it will be energetically very charged and rarely a simple visualization such as ‘cutting the link’ will be successful. To create an interruption;

  • You will need as strong energy to cut the link. If you have anger toward someone, you will have to come with as much love to interrupt the energetical link. It is a bit like the Archimedes principle but for the astral! 😉

  • You will have to make sure that unconsciously you also agree to cut the link otherwise you can block the interruption as you’re unconscious and still perceive some benefits in keeping the link.

The Gift of Negative Energy

As much as negative energy sucks! there’s some good to it that we cannot ignore as outlined below;

  • It shows you something about you that might be unnoticeable to others.

  • It brings attention to an aspect that you might have difficulty recognizing inside you.

  • It helps you to transcend your limits to become the person you really want to be. 🤩

4 Facts About Negative Energy That Can Make You Want To Welcome It!

There are some basic principles to keep in mind when you’re in touch with negative energy (people who are overly emotional, your own negative emotions, ghosts and entities) and here are some of them:

  1. Just because it’s negative, it does not necessarily mean it’s harmful.👼

  2. Negative energy is just a polarity, a force that is ‘yes indeed’ a bit energy consuming… like most TV programs are!😉

  3. Negative energies just play their role as we all do. For example, take a look at a negative entity like a mosquito, it needs some of your energy (blood) to survive but it does not mean it’s against you but rather that’s the way it functions.

  4. Negative energies are great teachers! 🤓 You can not resonate and be attacked by something which is not related to you in one way or another. Something can not happen to you if you have not unconsciously “agreed” to it. And when I say ‘agree’ it simply means that it could have been unconsciously admitted by your ancestors and transmitted by your family system. More you understand the teaching, more you can affirm yourself in your own individuality, increase your inner power and reduces your chances of being subjected to external, family and society influences.

Transcend Negative Energy

The faster you learn how to transcend our limits, the easier your life will be. Leaving fully the experience seems to be the best way to transcend negative energy. Find below a link to learn a very simple and efficient way that I have developed to transcend negative energy;

Need some insight?

Can you see your patterns in the way you are attracting negative energy? Do you understand the teaching for you behind?

if not, drop me a brief message (very brief!🙏🏼) below, I will send you some insight about it. 🙂👍🏼

Feel free to share your experience and comment in the section below.

Much love.

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